Monday, 31 January 2011


# Fixed the following bugs:

1) Sellers and buyers were using different distributions for generating asks/bids. Buyers were using normal distribution, while sellers were using a bimodal distribution. Now, both use normal distribution

2) Prevent sellers from bidding in auctions when there are no buyers present.

3) last_transaction is now set to None, at the beginning of a new trading round, rather than the end of the last trading round. This prevents buyers from getting a Null object while reformulating their bids. Behaviour seen since objects are not copied, objects are passed-by-value (python's consenting adults philosophy)

Not enough PROGRESS!! Some apps don't appear in the logs at all now. Very frustrating.

# Created a set of reading notes for MSc. student
# Created and delivered tutorial for tutees
# No response from James on algorithm. Perhaps I should wait for a couple of days and ping him.

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