Thursday, 17 February 2011

the daily grind 17/2/11

Although not much concrete work got done, I did do quite some amount of reading. Figured out two important papers that had slipped me by. Also found one on utility theory, that might directly impact my equations.

While washing dishes, I also came up with the idea of using the 'Byzantine Generals Problem' as a solution for gossip-based allocation of budget and QA. Basically, an agent should stop or start trading for the application, using the BG approach.

Got an email from Jenny, asking for dates for interview. Gave her dates in march, so that I can work on the journal paper. But, from say next week on, I'll have to devote evenings (at home) to studying the google-y topics of coding; also have to brush up on my java coding. Grrrr...

Tomorrow is likely going to be taken up by student evaluations. 5 hrs :-(. Will read a paper and a little bit more of that time mgmt thing.

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